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Mothers Working From Home In More Ways Than One

We all have two to three jobs depending on where you sit. You could be a mom doing the important family stuff like housework and childcare as your first (unpaid) job. Needing money, you start a home business in your kitchen while the kids are taking their naps. Bored to tears but an idea is born for a way to get out of the mommy track rut, so why not start a home business already!?

We are stuck here for the most part anyway so why not be creative and find something interesting and useful to do while we are between bottles, naps, diapers, taxi service, cooking and shopping. That’s all fun too, but we know we could do so much more – not to mention more money is always a nice idea.

Or you may be a mom who works outside the home and that would be the number one job. That is really hard because for mom it is really difficult to have two first priorities; but that is what it will amount to on the bottom line as her family is her real priority. Good thing corporate business is aware that the folks in their organization are people that are responsible for their families and as such may require ‘wiggle room’ on some issues. So here mom has a job outside the home and a job inside the home caring for her family.

When you factor in unpaid travel and commute time to and from the outside job, as well as the expenses to and from, and for childcare, etc., then you see that they are not making as much real ‘spendable’ cash (profit) at the end of the day. So when you are planning on ‘converting’ or ‘transcending’ your day job and analyzing how much it would take to be able to do that, be sure to put the money back into your pockets that you wouldn’t be spending for gas and oil, bridge tolls, parking, and other non-deductible expenses if you could work at home.

In any case if super-mom is going to pull this off she needs support. Ideally she has a loving partner who is in it with her, and/or maybe family members that can help her with childcare, moral support, etc. When you first start working online from home, especially if you had always worked in an office or somewhere that had ‘co-workers’ and ‘peers’ – suddenly the ‘home alone’ and ‘we are not alone’ sayings come to mind a lot, as does ‘stranger in a strange land’.

That is why it is important to network and associate – whether through an online business forum, webinars, or social networks, etc. Websites that cater to Moms working at home are just invaluable in providing resources, solutions and answers to help each other to survive and eventually get ahead. Sites like WAHM.com are where you will find you are not alone and other mothers have similar challenges; and they may have ideas that will help you too!

As with most Internet marketing and computer world environments, nobody is worried about competition or helping somebody else possibly getting in front of them. It’s about sharing and the feeling of being very blessed and hence benevolent. It’s very much true that ‘what goes around comes around’ in this regard.

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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