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Starting an Internet Marketing Business – Don’t Rush

If you were baking a cake and the recipe said “bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour”, what do you think the cake would be like if you decided 30 minutes was long enough? A mess? Nothing like what you would expect the cake to look like? Gooey? Flat?

Well the same principle should be applied to starting a new business. It’s going to take some time, even if you have a program that does all the setting up for you. Even if you use paid advertising. Even if you have foolishly speculated with your rent money or otherwise over-extended yourself financially.

This is one element that causes people to rush. It is understandable that if you are paying membership fees and have other monthly maintenance costs that you want to see a return on your investment. However, no matter what, it is going to take as much time as it takes. Nobody can say when it will start to produce results. Of course that is largely dependent on how much time and effort you are willing to inve

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Starting a New Business: Is it True that You Can’t Fail Unless You Quit?

If you think about this saying ‘you can’t fail unless you quit’, you will see that it is very true. A person who quits has obviously given up trying to reach their goal. They will make no more effort on their own behalf and are thereby accepting defeat. When they really quit they will feel temporarily relieved because they don’t need to worry about it anymore. This may be a good step to seeing their way clear to start over.

A person who won’t quit, no matter what, will keep trying to succeed. They will either learn new strategies to promote their business, or may consult with others for advice and direction. Some will need to completely ‘regroup’ before they start over. Many people may take a break to get their bearings and make a decision as to whether they will continue to try or will actually quit. Sometimes that is all that is necessary to turn it around, for example if someone has possibly gotten too stressed out in the ac

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Navigating the Internet – Web 2.0 Style

Back in the day when the newly emerging Internet marketing environment was rumored, there were many theories on what all would be involved. We heard about ‘social networking’ rather than forums and ‘interactive’ sites rather than just blogs. Sounded like more chat clients with live responses for consumers and more online advertising mediums with ‘feeds’, ‘hubs’ and ‘lenses’ rather than just article marketing directories.

Sure PCs were getting bigger and faster all along so there didn’t seem to be any difference one could attribute to ‘Web 2.0′, although there were stories about ‘web PCs’ – and then we got the ‘clouds’ which fit together nicely with PCs that don’t do anything but connect to the Internet and hence do not need storage capacity.

At the same time, increasingly everybody walking down the street was talking on the phone; people shouldn’t b

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